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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My first purse + new bike!

I finally finished making my first purse, I'm so happy! It's not the best in the world, but for a first attempt and basically no knowledge of sewing I'm happy with it :D

I got most of the fabric from hobby lobby, picking from things I like the most, travel, cupcakes, funky stuff like the skulls, etc. I made the closing strawberry with felt and sewed velcro onto the purse and the strawberry. On the back I made some felt cherries and glued them onto it. I couldn't figure out what to do for the handles, but my mom brought home some pretty green rope from her work so I used that.

I apologize for the blurriness, used my webcam to take these pictures. I so want a new camera =.=

In other news, I'm going to get a bike!! I haven't rode a bike in yeaaaars, I'm excited and the bike is gorgeous! It's totally retro, my mom said she had a bike that looked like that when she was a kid. This one has a pink and black design. I love it! We're going to put it in layaway at kmart and I'll take pictures of it once I get it. It's a "Schwinn Windwood 26 Inch Women's Bike."

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  1. Cool~ I haven't ridden a bicycle for 5 years... Yeah, riding a bicycle is cool~ I like mountain bikes the best because they have those gears that I like to fiddle around :P