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Monday, June 14, 2010


I picked up an old edition of National Geographic over the weekend, August 1997 to be exact, and I noticed an article about coral reefs entitled "A New Light in the Sea." It states on the opening picture:

"At twilight in the Red Sea I photographed corals with an electronic flash. They look mundane and dull (below). Then at night my diving partner David Fridman plays a powerful ultraviolet light over the same corals, and they explode with unimaginable color."

Mundane and dull?? Who in their right mind could consider the bottom picture mundane or dull? Although fluorescence in coral is intriguing and pretty, I personally think as far as artistic appreciation goes the bottom picture is far more beautiful than the ultraviolet version above.

This photographer obviously is lacking in any true artistic talent. The original coral, with it's subtle oranges, greens, browns, and reds, is truly gorgeous in my opinion; the shapes, textures, and colors are so vivid and blend so well together, you could stare at it for hours and still keeping finding new surprising details. I wish I had a better camera to do the image the justice it deserves. Ok rant over, haha.

I guess it just goes to show everyone views things different when it comes to beauty. Everyone has their own tastes and opinions, and everything is beautiful in it's own unique way. Whether it's the flamboyant beauty of the peacock or the subtle charm of a coral bed, we should learn to appreciate all things nature has to offer, instead of casting something off as "mundane" or "dull". Because, in this world, there is nothing dull.

Note to self: buy a new camera!!


  1. I think the first picture is perfect for some game graphic scene and the 2nd one is just real nature beauty. Flashy things are good to look at for a while but they get boring later :P

    So perhaps, the photographer was only interested in temporary excitement and thus he considered the second picture as "Mundane and dull".

  2. Hahaha yeah you're probably right. I guess it's typical animal instinct, we're drawn instantly to things that are brighter, more "shiny". X)